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Saturday 9 July 2022 

5/6:00pm-3:00am (times tbc)

Drop Studios, Florentina Clothing Village,

N4 1TD

Then: 10 Sep, 12 Nov, 14 Jan



All Our Friends is a Saturday evening audiophile-community dance party run by Cyril Cornet, Cedric Lassonde (Beauty and the Beat) and Tim Lawrence (Love Saves the Day). We hold our events in intimate, no-attitude spaces in East London, currently Drop Studios and Folklore, previously Chats Palace.


We love starting at 5pm because that way we have time  for more eating, more socialising, more music, more dancing and more fun--and we can part for ten hours and still be done by 3:00!


Entry is £15 cash on the door. We also reserve 20 places at £10 for students/the unwaged/people on low incomes and £5 for the unemployed and students—please just let us know at the door if this applies to you. A delicious vegan buffet prepared by Wendy is available for £5 and keeps us going through the course of the dance marathon!

We politely request that dancers don't use phones or wear backpacks on the dance floor--please scroll down for our explanation. We also insist that dancers are able to gather and express themselves free of harassment and do not tolerate any form of harassment--this is fundamental to our inclusive ethos .

Because we want to build a community, entry is via an invite list. The list is inclusive, not exclusive! Anyone can join--just email For dance floor communion and comfort we politely ask dancers to not use phones or wear backpacks on the floor, and to be respectful of others dancers—thank you :) 


The party came about after Tim, also one of the co-founders of Lucky Cloud Sound System, which started to co-host parties with David Mancuso of the NYC Loft back in 2003, became inspired by a spring 2017 visit to the invite-only party Joy--an offshoot and effective replica of the NYC Loft that took place in someone's apartment and got going early evening on Saturdays before ending around 1am. Deciding to start something similar in London, he soon found himself discussing the idea with Jem, Cedric and Cyril, good friends from Lucky Cloud and the organisers of Beauty and the Beat, an inclusive, audiophile offshoot of Lucky Cloud that leaned toward a more international range of music. The first All Our Friends party took place on 15 January 2018. After a year Jem, over-committed, stepped back. Since then we've invited a guest DJ to join Ced, Cyril and Tim behind the turntables at each gathering. It has been a consistently joyous, loving ecstatic experience!


The All Our Friends name draws on the Arthur Russell/Dinosaur L line from “Go Bang”, “I wanna see all my friends at once, go bang”. (Tim published an autobiography about Arthur Russell.) It also alludes to house party/high-end stereo ethos that dates back to David Mancuso’s Loft, where Arthur would head to listen to his music.


Made up of omponents that are optimal for reproducing sound at a dance party--and the more we can hear and have the music enter and lead us the more beautiful the party will become--our high-end stereo system features Klipschorn speakers (the ever-present element in David’s Loft set-up), Sugden amps (which we've found are the best complement for the Klipschorns), an Isonoe mixer and Technics turntables. The only key component missing from the Loft/Lucky Cloud systems are the koetsue cartridges, but then again we need to be able to back-cue. A varied music selection brings together soulful, cosmic, tropical sounds selected by Ced, Cyril and Tim plus regular guests. The heart of All Our Friends can be found on the dance floor and with the incredible team friends whose work, energy and spirit make it all happen. 

You can listen to recordings of our parties on our Mixcloud page,

It might seem unusual to head out to a party as early as 5:00pm on a Saturday but it's been working like a dream. For a sense of what it might mean in practice for All Our Friends to be a party that follows the deep psychedelic tradition of the Loft and other NYC parties, take a look at this helpful statement from our sister party, Beauty and the Beat. 

“The joy I found from dancing to the AOF music, the kindness of the crowd, the smiles, the absence of judgment, even the 17h to half-past-midnight format, to me this is The Happiest Party,” one dancer wrote in. “More than a party, this is spiritual to me. A perfect combo of soulfulness, sometimes familiar and often heart-opening tracks, beautiful set up, that amazing sound system—the feeling carries on long after the lights are back on.” 


We hope you’ll join us on the All Our Friends dance floor!


All Our Love,

xxx Ced, Cyril, Tim and the All Our Friends team xxx

Invite list

Here is some more information about how we run our invite list.


Because All Our Friends is organised along the lines of a house party rather than a regular club, admittance is via our invite list. To join the invite list all you have to do is write to Tim at


 One you're on the invite list you're on the invite list for all future All Our Friends parties and can bring a guest (we don't need names in advance).


The invite list isn’t about exclusivity! Anyone can join--just write to us! You can also recommend friends who you think will get into our way of partying!

If we reach the point where we are reaching capacity at successive parties we will temporarily suspend entry to the list. 


We decided to start a party with an invite system because we went to build an open-ended community of dancers who come back to the party on a regular basis and by doing so enable the interactive, communal ritual to intensify and deepen.

It’s about finding a way for people to form an open-ended yet relatively stable dance community.


Our invite list is closely modelled on the system David Mancuso developed at the Loft.

We hope you'll join the Friendship Train!

All Our Love,

All Our Friends





Party info

All aboard the Friendship Train!


All Our Friends hosts parties run from 5:00pm to 3:00am at Drop Studios, a photographic studio located in a ex-industrial textiles/clothing district, and Folklore, an independent live venue located at 186 Hackney Road, London E2 7QL.  Drop Studios is a spacious, beautifully proportioned warehouse building that allows for expansive sound as well as an imaginative use of light and space--the potential is huge. Folklore is a warm, quirky, welcoming, semi-underground venue that's run along the lines of a DIY after-hours spot, with the dance floor and bar area occupying separate rooms--we've had some incredible post-pandemic parties there.

The cost of entry is £15. As mentioned, we also reserve 20 places at £10 for students/the unwaged/people on low incomes and £5 for the unemployed and students—please just let us know at the door if this applies to you.


To store coats dancers need to make the most of whatever self-service coat hangers we're able to provide along with nooks and crannies in the venue. We suggest that valuables and all unnecessaries are left behind. A vegan buffet costing an extra £5 is available until around 9pm. 

We admit dancers until we reach capacity. At that point we revert to one in, one out. Early arrival is strongly encouraged in order to guarantee entry and to enjoy the full party journey.

To explain our approach to phones and rucksacks in a little more detail...

We politely request that dancers don't use phones (for texting, shazaming, photos, etc) on the dance floor. Our dance floor is a space for communal congregation, where people come together to celebrate and communicate in real time and space. Phones invariably detract from and break up the dance floor exchange, with the user no longer dancing and somewhere else, and those around the user distracted by the tech as well as the user, their immersion--the very purpose of the party--discourteously interrupted. If phone usage is unavoidable please do this by the side of the room, away from the dance floor.


We also ask that dancers don't dance with rucksacks as this is uncomfortable for people who dance behind them :) Thank you for understanding! 

We finally insist that dancers be able to enjoy themselves without any form of harassment and welcome those who support this approach. If you bring a guest please pass on this and the previous info—thank you!

Hope to see you on the dance floor!

All Our Love,

All Our Friends



Mixes and contact

All mixes can be found on our Mixcloud page.

We are not on social media for various reasons, but we send emails to our invite list with news of parties and mixes, plus you can always write to with questions and comments. He particularly loves getting requests join the invite list :)




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